Does My Roof Require Any Maintenance?

Published on: 11:48 5th July 2012

In a word, yes. Your roof requires maintenance just like the rest of your home in order to ensure that it remains durable. But why? Well, your roof forms one of the most important protective parts of your home, acting as a barrier against rain, snow hail and high wind. Without your roof, your home would simply be damaged within a very short period of time. But what has maintenance got to do with this?

Well, basically if you don’t maintain your roof, then you are exposing your home to the elements. This can end up being very costly if your property becomes water damaged. Damp in your home can also devalue the property as it may put buyers off until the damp problem is adequately fixed. This is why it is essential to maintain your roof.

So what does maintaining your roof actually mean? What do you need to do? Well, for starters, if you discover that any roof repairs are required, you need to contact a local roofing contractor immediately to fix the problem. You may notice that roof repairs are needed due to a leak, or may have noticed tiles falling off. This would meant that your roof is exposed an needs roof repairs as soon as possible to prevent water from getting into your home. A roofing contractor can fix your roof quickly and easily which means that your home will be fully protected again.

Roof repairs may not always be easy to spot, so it is essential that you get your roof checked over every few years by professional roofers so that any roof repairs that re needed can be identified quickly before a small problem escalates into a big and expensive one. So getting regular roof assessments can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Roof maintenance also means regular cleaning of your roof. Moss and lichen can grow on the roof meaning that it won’t have quite as long a lifespan, so it is important to ensure that this is cleared from your roof regularly. Roofing contractors often offer roof cleaning services so that moss and lichen are removed from the tiles and slate meaning that your roof will last longer.

It isn’t just the roof itself that required maintenance however. The chimney, fascias, soffits and barge boards also make up part of the roof, as does the guttering. The gutters catch water that runs off the roof, and divert it away from the walls of the property. The fascias, soffits and barge boards all work together to protect the underside of the roof where the walls meet the roof, known as the eaves. They help to stop wind and water from getting in the underside. All of these parts are essential for keeping your property dry and protected inside.

A good roofing contractor will also help by giving you in depth advice on how to care for your roof. This is the best way because your roofers will have a better and more in depth understanding of the material used on your roof and how best to care for it. Different materials will be best maintained in different ways.

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